Spacemacs for Vim users -- basics and some of my favorite layers

Spacemacs Installation

Key Operation
cd ~; mv .emacs.d .emacs.d.bak; mv .emacs .emacs.bak; git clone ~/.emacs.d Install Spacemacs.
cd ~/.emacs/; git fetch; git reset --hard <tag> Update Spacemacs to a specific version.

Spacemacs Basics


Key Operation
SPC h SPC Access documentation

.spacemacs configuration file

Key Operation
SPC f e d Edit the configuration file.
SPC f e R Reload the configuration file.
SPC q r Restart spacemacs.

File operation

Key Operation
SPC f f Fuzzy search in Spacemacs.
SPC f r Open a list of recent files.
SPC f s Save a file in Spacemacs.
SPC f j Open the current directory in dired.


Key Operation
SPC b b List buffers and switch between them.
SPC TAB Switch to the last buffer.
SPC b D Kill this buffers.
SPC b m Kill all other buffers.


Key Operation
SPC w d Close this window
SPC w s/v Split windows

NeoTree layer

Key Operation
SPC f t Toggle the NeoTree
SPC 0 Jump to the NeoTree window
h collapse expanded directory or go to parent node
K parent directory
R make a directory as the root directory
` `
- open a file in a horizontally split window
TAB toggle stretching of the buffer
c create a node
d delete a node
r rename a node
g refresh
s toggle showing the hidden files

Ranger layer

Key Binding Description
SPC a r launch ranger
q quit
S Enter shell
m Mark
u Unmark
C Copy
R Rename/Remove
D Delete
g Refresh
x Execute all operations

shell layer

Key Operation
SPC ' open, close or go to the default shell
SPC a s m open, close or go to multi-term

In multi-term mode:

Key Operation
SPC m c create a new multi-term
SPC m n go to the next multi-term
SPC m p go to the previous multi-term

latex layer

Key Operation
SPC m e Insert LaTeX environment
SPC m i Insert LaTeX \item
SPC m r c reftex-citation
SPC m r c reftex-citation

markdown layer

Key Operation
SPC m i l inser a link
SPC m i L inser a link dwim
SPC m i u inser a URL
SPC m i i inser an image
SPC m x b make a region bold or insert bold
SPC m x i make a region italic or insert italic
SPC m x c make a region code or insert code
SPC m x q make a region blockquote or insert blockquote
SPC m x p make a region <pre> or insert <pre>
SPC m x > indent a region
SPC m x < extend a region
SPC : markdown-toc/generate-toc RET generate a table of contents

lisp layer

Key Operation
SPC m e e Evaluate the last expression

Spell checking

Key Operation
SPC S b flyspell the whole buffer
SPC S c flyspell correct
SPC S d flyspell dictionary
SPC S n flyspell goto next error
SPC t S toggle flyspell

Spell checking

Key Operation
SPC e c clear errors
SPC e l display a list errors
SPC e V verify flyspell setup
SPC t s toggle flycheck