Remote Desktop via X2Go

X2Go is a remote desktop software available on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows platforms. It is released under GPL and can be downloaded on X2Go official site. This guide will show you how to connect to Pi supercomputer via X2Go client.

Download the X2Go installer from the website above. And you can install the software following the instruments. After installing the software.

Then create a new session by clicking “Session” -> “New Session”. Configure this session to use IP and port as the SSH service.

Login node OS IP SSH Port Session typ Software GPU
mu05 CentOS 7 22 MATE Intel Compiler None
mu06 CentOS 7 22 MATE Intel Compiler, MATLAB, IDL NVIDIA K80
mu07 CentOS 7 22 MATE Intel Compiler, PGI Compiler NVIDIA K80

Configure a session to connect to mu05

Click the newly-created session then input your username and password to login.

Login via SSH username and password

MATE desktop environment on x2go

After completing your work, terminate the session.

Terminate X2GO session

In case of a hanging session, please terminate the current session then login again.